• Sahil Dobani

Do you need to hire an Architect/ Interior Designer?

Buying an apartment or house has become very difficult these days as the rates are touching the sky. After spending lakhs and crores of rupees in buying a home of your dreams, should you be spending more money in hiring an architect or interior designer for your interior project?

In simple words, the answer is YES. I believe that everyone deserves to live in an incredible space that gives you comfort and joy. Your space should not just look good but it should reflect your personality and style. The space should function in a way that works with how you live your life. Great spaces are carefully explored, designed and curated by the professionals. Many people get intimidated by an idea of hiring an architect or interior designer as they have to pay for their design services. Very few people realize how complicated it is to build – that is until they find themselves lost in the maze of design options, material selections, dealing with contractors and so on.

It is always good to hire a professional as they can add more value to your home. They are the ones who can make your house, a liveable home. A design master can make sure the aesthetics blend with the requirements and functionality of the project and the space is both liveable and aesthetically pleasing. Any place you spend time in, directly affects your being. The place along with its interiors affects what you think, how you think, what you do, how you behave, how motivated you are and many more aspects of your daily routine. This makes the interior of your home or of any spaces extremely important. The choices that you make while deciding how your home will look have a documented effect on your perceptions and emotions.

Whether you are remodeling, adding on, or building from scratch, the architect or designer can pilot the way. Working with contractors and other construction professionals, architects can help you end up with a well-designed project that fulfills your needs and works with your budget and time frame. Most projects start with want or need. “I need more seating in my living room” or “I want my home to look like a CEO’s home.” But how that want and need get translated into 3-D space is what an architect does. This is what architects and designers are trained for, solving problems in creative ways. With their creative thinking, they can show you alternatives and options you might never think of on your own.

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